Welcome to the Water right Garden Webtool for Canberra

This WaterRight Gardens Webtool is based on the soil, vegetation and climate characteristics of Canberra's residential gardens. It will help you explore how much water your garden needs to remain healthy, and the best time to apply this water. It will also help you understand what factors affect your own garden and lawn watering needs, including plants, soil, wind, shade, rain and the season.

Is this Webtool for me?

If you water your garden or lawn, you can use the WaterRight Gardens Webtool, to develop specific watering advice to meet your plant, soil and microclimate characteristics. The objective of waterwise gardening is to reduce the amount of water required to maintain a healthy garden while maximising the use of rainfall.

If you rely totally on rainfall to maintain your garden or lawn, congratulations, you may not need to use this Webtool.

Whether or not you decide to use the Webtool, if you would like to learn more about the factors that influence garden water use, you can refer to the WaterRight Gardens Best Practice Guidelines and Fact Sheets.

To use the Webtool, you will need:

  • Windows Internet Explorer 9.0 or Mozilla (Firefox) 25 or above.
  • Pop-Ups, Cookies and JavaScripts enabled.

This Webtool does not apply to:

  • Established trees or plants taller than 2 metres.
  • New plantings that are being established.
  • Potted plants.
  • Vegetable gardens and annuals.
  • Indoor plants.